Who we are

The largest specialist in silver jewelery in Belgium

We are the largest specialist in the sale of high quality 925 silver and gold-plated jewelery in Belgium with thousands of jewels and regular new arrivals throughout the year.

We wanted to make fine jewelry accessible to everyone, which is why we offer you our own collection of jewelry to provide you with the best possible quality/price for your purchases.

Whatever your budget, you will find the rare pearl in our stores or on our webshop.

925 silver, a precious metal

925 silver is a precious metal of very high quality, neutral, light and resistant which is used in jewelery to make exceptional jewellery.

A 925 silver jewel is timeless, it can be cleaned, polished without being altered unlike a costume jewel which is made of any metal (often brass which is allergenic), and covered only with a thin layer of silver or gold plating.

925 silver jewelry is also hypoallergenic jewelry that is suitable for the vast majority of people and children, a very important point for earrings.

Or & Argent, a Belgian and local company

Or & Argent is a Belgian company made up of 8 jewelers located in Wallonia, mainly in the province of Liège.

Established for more than 30 years in the main Walloon cities, we are easily accessible geographically everywhere in Belgium but also online since 2016 to shine nationally and outside our borders.

We offer all the services of jewelers in our various local stores, whether it is a simple change of watch battery, the personalization of your jewelry or ear piercing.

Historically specialized in buying and selling gold, we also offer a counter and walk-in service for your gold transactions.

Buying and selling gold at Or & Argent

Selling or buying gold at Or & Argent is easy and direct in all our jewelry stores. We receive you without an appointment every day of the week to appraise your objects, old jewellery, watches, gold coins and ingots.

This expertise is free and can be done in just a few minutes. With our experience of over 30 years in the field of buying and selling gold, we can offer you the right price for your gold assets.

We also provide you with ingots and coins for your investments in gold or 99.99% silver.

Do not hesitate to consult our “gold buyback” section on our website or visit our jewelery stores for additional information.

Live a quality experience

With this desire to make fine jewelry accessible to everyone, we provide a warm welcome and top-of-the-range service during your purchases.

Did you hear this sweet melody when you walked through the door of our store? This impeccable light and this pleasant smell to welcome you? Every detail has been thought out to make you live a quality and pleasant moment even if it only lasts a few minutes.

Is this the end of your experience once you leave? No, we will accompany you afterwards for any information, an exchange or a small gift for a special occasion.

An online service that extends to the store

Are you in a hurry or don't have time to travel? Consult our webshop to buy directly from your home or to consult the stock available in store.

Not sure if you like the model or if the size matches? No problem ! You can exchange directly in store or create a return on our online store in just a few clicks.

Buying online on Or & Argent also means buying locally and benefiting a Belgian company.