Size guide

The average size of a woman's ring is between 52 and 54. For men, this average is between 60 and 62.

This size corresponds to the circumference of the ring, that is to say your finger circumference as if the ring were unrolled on a flat surface.

For example for a size 54, the circumference is 54mm.

We offer 3 methods to measure your ring size.

Using an existing ring

To help you choose the size of your ring, we have created a ring sizer that allows you to compare one of your rings with our reference ring sizer.

You must therefore print this sheet in real size (to be configured in your printer settings) and place your ring on the corresponding circle.

You don't know how to print our ring sizer? So do the same by comparing your ring on the screen (changing the scale to match the reference centimeter).

See the baguier to print - PDF version

Using our €4.90 ring sizer

Don't want to use our printable ring sizer? Then you can order a ring sizer for 4.90€ to check your finger size! Just order and you quickly receive this one at home.

It works with a letter referenced tab system to know your finger size.

See the ring sizer to order

In store with our steel ring sizer

The most reliable solution is to go to one of our stores to measure your finger using our steel ring sizer. You then put on a steel ring like a classic ring? This will also be an opportunity to try on different ring sizes and find the ideal model!

For iXXXi brand rings, please refer to the main brand page for all matches to the standard system.