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The Melano brand is a ring brand with interchangeable stones. Buy a basic ring and screw stones from a collection of several hundred reference. Melano also releases dozens of new releases throughout the year.

Interchangeable stone

More than 200 different stones from €20

This is the advantage of a Melano ring: the low price of the stones that you can change easily by screwing/unscrewing. From only 20€ you can change your style and look. Discover the concept below:

Twisted/Vivid Collection

The main collection at Melano is called "Twisted" and is made up of rings and stones in a wide variety of shapes. The stones are generally taller and the edges narrower than the Vivid collection. Please note that each collection has a different thread pitch and is not compatible.

Melano ring to compose, 2 Twisted and Vivid collections

Accumulate the rings for even more effect

The brand was also designed to be able to accumulate and combine several rings on the same finger! Melano jewels are made of steel, an extremely resistant metal, and the finishes are a high-end finish to guarantee the durability of the colors!

Accumulate Melano rings

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