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The iXXXi brand is a Dutch brand with a globally unique concept of interchangeable rings. iXXXi allows you to create a ring with a unique look! Unscrew your ring and put on rings that you have chosen from a vast collection of more than 200 different models!

Discover new arrivals throughout the year, which allows you to stay on the cutting edge of fashion! From a few euros, rejuvenate your iXXXi jewel!

Customizable ring

Infinitely combine more than 200 different ring models

Your ring is made up of 2 parts: a support (called the base ring) and (re)covering rings. To put the rings on your base, just unscrew it.

The bases are available in different sizes (from 8 to 16mm wide) and in different colors (silver, pink, gold and black).

There are a multitude of models of covering rings, you can make your personal composition among more than 200 different models, these are available in different colors.

A screw base and rings to put on!

In addition to this impressive collection to create your ring, the iXXXi brand offers to go even further and personalize your covering elements with top parts or zirconia. You can, in addition to your ring, match it with different jewelry from the brand!

Are you ready? Compose your ring now on our online store or with the help of our sales staff in store!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The iXXXi brand offers non-standard sizes for bases ranging from size 15 to 21. Here is the table to know the correspondence of these. Also find the size of covering rings to choose from the base size.

Base size

To choose your basic size and the corresponding covering elements.

iXXXi base sizeStandard sizeiXXXi Covering ring size
15 (XS)45Ring 15
15,5 (XS)47Ring 16
1650Ring 17
16,552Ring 17
1753Ring 17
17,555Ring 18
1856Ring 18
18,558Ring 19
1959Ring 19
19,561Ring 20
2062Ring 20
20,5 (XL)63Ring 21
21 (XL)65Ring 21
22 (Man)67
23 (Man)71

Ring size - To wear alone

The covering rings can also be worn alone! Here is a table with the correspondence.
iXXXi covering ringStandard size
15 (XS)52
21 (XL)72

Each covering element has a width (1, 2, 4mm or 6mm).

For classic bases, just take its width (8 to 16mm) and remove 2mm (for the 2 edges). Fill your base with matching covering elements.

For example if I choose a classic 14mm base, I have to fill it with 12mm of elements (example: One of 4mm, 3 of 2mm and 2 of 1mm).

Please note that some bases such as ceramic bases or sandblasted bases require removing 4mm because the edges are wider (detail in the description of these).

BaseWidthCovering rings size
Classic8mm6mm covering rings
10mm8mm covering rings
12mm10mm covering rings
14mm12mm covering rings
16mm14mm covering rings
Ceramic or sandblasted10mm6mm covering rings
Ceramic or sandblasted12mm8mm covering rings
Ceramic or sandblasted14mm10mm covering rings
We guarantee iXXXi products on defects of conformity for a period of 2 years. Shocks, loss and normal wear and tear do not come under warranty. Please see our General Warranties page to follow the procedure.

To best protect your iXXXi jewellery, we advise you to take it off when you wash yourself, when you use household products, when you use hand creams, when you go to the bathroom pool, sauna, sea, etc
To block your covering rings to prevent them from turning, you can block them with small rubber bands or an additional 1mm element (to be purchased additionally).

Please specify when ordering if you would like additional elastics.

For any iXXXi order over 190€, we offer you a storage box to store your covering rings and your bases! This gift is valid on our webshop but also in store.

New Collection

Celebrate 10 years

Find in this new autumn/winter anniversary collection for the brand's 10th anniversary rings in new colors and memorable jewelry sets with black stones. You can also match them with pendants and earrings to create.

Also find a collection of XS rings (Fame collection) that you can wear alone. These are available in size 15, 16 and 17.

This iXXXi collection can be discovered online below but also in our stores.

Top parts and Zirconia

Stones from only €2.50, an easy change at a low price!

In addition to the covering elements, the iXXXi brand offers to personalize the stones! The top parts are to be screwed and the Zirconias are to be blocked in your covering elements, bracelets, earrings and necklaces! Something to match each of your jewels at low prices.

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