Ear piercing without an appointment

We pierce ears in all our jewelry stores without an appointment from €16 drills included.

We pierce the ears of children, women and men in a few minutes and painlessly thanks to a sterile system and patented.

There is no minimum age to pierce ears, but we recommend waiting until the child is at least 12 months old.

The price varies depending on the drills chosen which are either made of surgical steel or 24k gold plated. They are therefore hypoallergenic and do not cause a reaction.

The average healing time is 6 weeks for an earlobe piercing and 12 weeks for a cartilage piercing.
We recommend leaving the drills used during drilling for at least 6 weeks for optimal healing. Newly pierced ears are very sensitive and require special care and attention. If you remove your earrings too soon, the holes may close or it may be very difficult to reinsert the earrings.
No, we receive you during opening hours without an appointment every day of the week in all our jewelry stores (except in Verviers Or because we have our Verviers Silver jewelry store which specializes in the sale of silver jewelry).
We recommend, especially for children, to put on EMLA cream (available in pharmacies on prescription) about an hour before to lightly numb the area to be pierced. It is not essential.
No. We use a silent hand pressure instrument specially designed to pierce the ears smoothly unlike piercing guns which make an impressive noise.
Yes, we use the only ear piercing system with fully enclosed earring capsules that prevent earrings from being exposed to potential contaminants prior to piercing. Earring capsules are sealed in sterilized cartridges that are unopened before being selected for piercing. The exclusive safety back system allows for the safest possible healing by protecting the tip of the piercing and preventing the back of the earring from being too tight. This allows for good air circulation and prevents the back of the earring from becoming embedded during the healing process.

Please note that we do not pierce the inner cartilage of the ear, the navel or the nose because our system is not suitable for these areas.

Watch a short presentation video: