How to clean your silver jewelry?

Sterling silver or 925 silver is most commonly used in jewelery. It is never worked pure because it is too malleable. In the case of 925/1000, it is mixed to 75/1000 to make it more resistant.

The silver jewel with time can therefore oxidize; it is an inevitable phenomenon and quite normal. To avoid this inconvenience we can rhodium the jewel. This involves diving into a rhodium bath that will give it a grayer and more metallic color. This layer fades over time depending on the moisture and acidity of the skin.

To clean your silver jewelry, we advise you the use of 2 products ready to use and adequate that you find on sale on our site.

1 The silver bath

This bath can sparkle your old silver jewels and give them a second youth. Just dive your jewelry a few moments and rinse it to restore its brilliance. Please do not plunge gold, rhodium silver or other materials. Do not use on stainless steel sink. This product can not be used with a jewel with stones, pearls or enamelled colors.

2 The polishing cloth

This cloth is a cloth covered with a special product to polish your silver jewelry, it is much softer than the silver bath is why we advise you for a regular maintenance of your silver jewelry.