How to maintain your jewelry?

The maintenance of your jewelry is an important thing that will allow you to keep them beautiful for many years. Over time, your jewelry may tarnish or scratch, it is not a sign of poor quality but simply due to the daily wear and normal of your jewelry.

The ideal would be not to wear your jewelry all the time (the night for example) and not to put in contact with some corrosive products (dishwashing product, bleach, etc ...). There are also unfortunately some unavoidable factors such as the acidity of the skin, sweat, dust or pollution that are responsible for tarnishing your jewelry.

To preserve the brilliance of your jewelry, it is important to maintain them regularly with a special cloth available for sale in our online store. This cloth is covered with a special product that will help you make it shine.

On top of that, it's important to take some good habits:

Remove your jewelery to play sports, clean, garden, take a shower, wash your hands or sleep. Avoid any contact with chemical or cosmetic maintenance products, swimming pool water or sea water.

Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom, this room usually hot and humid promotes the oxidation thereof. Also remember to put your jewelry in separate pockets when traveling so that they do not scratch.