Redemption service for your gold, silver and diamond in Belgium

Gold and Silver jewelery offers you to buy your items and jewelry at the best price in jewelry. Here are the different materials we buy:

1 Gold purchase

Since 25 years, we buy at the best price all your objects and jewels in gold. We appraise them for free and without commitment in all our jewelery shops in Wallonia and Brussels. We pay directly, either in cash or by check.

2 Redemption of money

We buy your silverware, silver coins and silver bullion by weight. The state of your objects is irrelevant. We only buy your items in solid silver and not plated, it is often stamped with 3 digits; 800-900-925.

3 Diamond buyback

Do you own diamonds and you want to sell them at a reasonable and advantageous price? Gold and Silver buy you your diamonds at a good price. You want to know the amount of your diamond? Go to one of our jewelery shops for a free and non-binding expertise.