New iXXXi fall/winter 2023 products

Discover the new covering rings, the new XS rings, jewelry and the men's collection!

The new fall/winter 2023 products from the iXXXi brand have arrived exclusively on our online store (only to order in your Gold and Silver stores)!

Discover the new covering rings from the iXXXi brand with existing models but in black tones. Also discover the new XS models (Fame brand) to wear alone or with your iXXXi composite rings.

Also think about jewelry from the iXXXi brand with a new flower shape and black stones and the men's collection with lots of new bracelets!

Also take advantage of this month of October with our iXXXi clearance sale with everything at -50% in our stores.

See the new iXXXi collection

Discover the new iXXXi features in images:



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