Thanks to the brand of rings iXXXi (I create so I am), you can create your ring trend and unique! Indeed you just need to unscrew your base and change your rings! Gold & Silver is the official online retailer of the iXXXi brand ! You do not know iXXXi? iXXXi is the trendy and trendy brand with its original customizable ring concept.

Official iXXXi dealer

IXXXi rings in video

The iXXXi brand makes it possible to create and assemble a ring that is unique in the world! You can change the covering elements whenever you want!

To do this simply unscrew your ring and change the covering rings of the brand iXXXi!

The iXXXi brand is the trend brand with its unique concept of customizable ring!

We also sell iXXXi brand in our jewelery stores Verviers, Liège, Visé, Malmedy, Huy, Namur et Mons.

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